Aristocrat Bakeshop’s Chocolate Supreme: A Slice of Heaven

17 Mar

This chocolate cake definitely goes on top of my list for MUST-TRY NOW! chocolate cakes. It may deceive you into thinking that it is just another cake because of the simplicity in its design but as you dig in and take a bite you will know that your standards for chocolate cakes will never be the same again.

It consists of a six-layer super moist chocolate cake with super creamy chocolate filling in between the layers and finally luxuriously covered with bittersweet chocolate icing. It is truly a taste of heaven in a box.

Be it your saddest moment or just an okay one, Aristocrat Bakeshop’s Chocolate Supreme would definitely give you an instant supper happy feel. Chocolate lovers like me would not be disappointed to try this one out.

Prices for this ultimate chocolate cake are 2R – P125, 4×4 – P215, 9R – P960 and 8×12 – P1195

For branches and contact information of Aristocrat Bakeshop, please click here.



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