Searching for Gemmae Bakeshop

01 Apr

Since launching this blog has made me try to recall the best desserts I have had, I remembered that there was this particular chocolate cake that I truly loved. The cake was from Gemmae Bakeshop which according to our family friend who gave it to us was located in Zapote, Alabang.

It was already about a decade ago since I had my share of said cake but I could still remember so well how good it tasted. The chocolate cake was sweet and moist and the icing was just heavenly for me, again sweet, thick and oh so creamy. It was truly delightful (hmmm…yummy!). The edges of the cake was also lined with marshmallow type of icing which makes it the perfect birthday cake =)

Searching on the internet I found a website on Gemmae Bakeshop but it was based in California. It turns out to be the US based branch of Gemmae Bakeshop in the Philippines so I sent an email asking for the address of the Gemmae in Zapote. Well, unfortunately the administrator of the account said that the branch in Zapote was already closed and it was moved to Aniban, Bacoor, Cavite, directly behind the Kalinisan Drugstore.

Well, one of these days I will definitely try to go visit Gemmae in Cavite and see if their chocolate cake is still as good as it was before and I will keep you guys posted.

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Posted by on April 1, 2011 in Chocolate Cakes


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