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My First Bake! (Betty Crocker’s Blueberry Muffins)

I wanted to de-stress myself so I decided to get back into baking and be more active with my blogging =) Just a month ago, I was able to convince my hubby to buy me a new La Germania oven (I actually bribed him with a promise of weekly cakes and sweets).

Anyways, I decided to give the oven a try and for my first bake, Betty Crocker’s 3-Minutes Pouch to Oven Blueberry Muffin Mix came in handy. I got one from one of our trips to a local supermarket for a friendly price of P86. It only takes a few quick steps to enjoy this goodie, you pre-heat the oven, add water to the mix, stir, pour into muffin pans, then bake.

I was able to make six muffins and it was not bad at all for an instant muffin mix. It tasted good. I was able to bake the muffin with just enough moistness on the inside while a bit crusty on the top. I was also satisfied with the blueberry taste of the muffin.

These blueberry muffins would be great with coffee for breakfast or for an afternoon snack  =) It is super quick and easy to make.

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Cake Pops by Bakerella

Browsing at the National Bookstore for books on baking, a colorful book caught my eye as it was really pretty. The book’s title “Cake Pops” intrigued me and the fact that it was by someone named “Bakerella” made my curiosity even bigger.


As the book was sealed and I can’t see what’s inside, I decided to check it out first on the net. Searching for Bakerella led me to Bakerella’s website. The site was pretty in pink and it is indeed filled with sweet inspiration and fun baking ideas as described in its page. I loved everything in it! Just looking at her creations makes you want to stay home and bake, and the thing is, she makes everything seem fun and easy.

From the ideas, recipes and everything that she is sharing in her site, you’ll instantly feel her passion in what she does. Right now, being a rookie in baking, i know that I just gotta have her book!

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