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My First Bake! (Betty Crocker’s Blueberry Muffins)

I wanted to de-stress myself so I decided to get back into baking and be more active with my blogging =) Just a month ago, I was able to convince my hubby to buy me a new La Germania oven (I actually bribed him with a promise of weekly cakes and sweets).

Anyways, I decided to give the oven a try and for my first bake, Betty Crocker’s 3-Minutes Pouch to Oven Blueberry Muffin Mix came in handy. I got one from one of our trips to a local supermarket for a friendly price of P86. It only takes a few quick steps to enjoy this goodie, you pre-heat the oven, add water to the mix, stir, pour into muffin pans, then bake.

I was able to make six muffins and it was not bad at all for an instant muffin mix. It tasted good. I was able to bake the muffin with just enough moistness on the inside while a bit crusty on the top. I was also satisfied with the blueberry taste of the muffin.

These blueberry muffins would be great with coffee for breakfast or for an afternoon snackĀ  =) It is super quick and easy to make.

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