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Much Talked About Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake

Searching for chocolate cakes to try out, I came across several good reviews for Ms. Polly’s chocolate cake. It is actually in almost everyone’s list of best chocolate cakes locally so it was not hard to convince me that I should go and get one.

Although I am from the south and based on the information posted on their website and some blogs that their bakeshop is located in Merville, Paranaque and that is likewise readily available at Shell Magallanes (yup, the gas station!), I decided to order via

I ordered the 7 inch round regular chocolate cake composed of two layers moist chocolate cake with chocolate icing in between. The cake smelled so chocolate-y good that I immediately wanted to dig in and get a bite when it was handed over to me.

After having tasted Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake, I began to understand why a lot of people have come to love and rave about it. The appearance alone of the cake, its shiny and sweet looking icing would win over anyone with a sweet tooth. The cake itself was super moist, soft and fluffy like a “mamon”. It does melt in your mouth as others have described it. The cake has enough sweetness, not sugary sweet but more of the bittersweet type.

Overall, I liked Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake. It is something that when it’s gone, you’d definitely wish there was more. I may have my other preference over what’s the best chocolate cake, but this surely goes into my list as well.

Current Ms. Polly’s chocolate cake prices and sizes are as follows: 7″ Round Caramel – P350, Regular – P315; 8×8 Caramel – P540, Regular – P495; and the 8×12 Caramel – P720, Regular – P650.

For more information on Ms. Polly’s Specialty Cakes, please click here.


Conti’s Mango Bravo: A Sweet Break from Chocolate

I started to get curious about the Mango Bravo of Conti’s Cakes and Pastries when my husband told me that one of his officemates was raving about it. As he knows how I am addicted to sweets, he was surprised that I have not tried it yet; more so that I am not familiar with it.

Later that day, I immediately searched for it over the net and was amazed by the towering beauty of the cake adorned by frozen mango bites on top. The reviews likewise convinced me well enough that I should try it.  Being a chocoholic I was pretty much excited that this mango cake has chocolate mousse in it and that it is covered with chocolate syrup drippings.

Finally I got my chance to taste this much talked-about goody when we went to go shopping at the Alabang Town Center where Conti’s has a Bakery & Café. We bought the mini size as I do not think my husband and I could finish off the big one which is good for about 8-12 persons. The mini size is currently priced at P550 while the big one is at P1150.

The cake is composed of layers of meringue, soft sponge cake, cashew nuts, chocolate mousse, mango bites and then covered with buttery, creamy, sweet icing. I enjoyed eating it when it was freshly taken out from the freezer as it melts in your mouth like an ice cream cake.

The Mango Bravo of Conti’s was definitely worth trying out but I still prefer a good old-fashioned chocolate cake.

The Conti’s Bakery & Café in Alabang Town Center-Ayala, Alabang is located at the G/F 1107 Corte de Las Palmas with contact numbers (+632) 556-7720, (+63923) 713-4801, and (+63917) 554-2296. For more information on their menu and other store locations, kindly visit

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Aristocrat Bakeshop’s Chocolate Supreme: A Slice of Heaven

This chocolate cake definitely goes on top of my list for MUST-TRY NOW! chocolate cakes. It may deceive you into thinking that it is just another cake because of the simplicity in its design but as you dig in and take a bite you will know that your standards for chocolate cakes will never be the same again.

It consists of a six-layer super moist chocolate cake with super creamy chocolate filling in between the layers and finally luxuriously covered with bittersweet chocolate icing. It is truly a taste of heaven in a box.

Be it your saddest moment or just an okay one, Aristocrat Bakeshop’s Chocolate Supreme would definitely give you an instant supper happy feel. Chocolate lovers like me would not be disappointed to try this one out.

Prices for this ultimate chocolate cake are 2R – P125, 4×4 – P215, 9R – P960 and 8×12 – P1195

For branches and contact information of Aristocrat Bakeshop, please click here.